Wednesday, 13 August 2014


August just blasted off like fireworks with my birthday celebrations and treats and it has only just begun to slow down after about two weeks. (Crazy how its already the 13th of the month!!!) It started out with the quietest birthday 00:00 of my entire life but ended fully loaded with so much love and laughter. I'm exhausted from hanging out every day for the whole 2 weeks but at the same time I feel like a ball of energy from all the love and happiness I received. Totally outdid myself!

From my actual birthday, of course I had a mandatory birthday dinner with the family. We were literally driving around all of Kuching and could have ended up in the United States (no, seriously) just trying to find somewhere to go to after finding that our favourite pork ribs restaurant was closed. Destiny brought us to Mike Smokehouse (it was then already 9pm). Let me tell you why I believe that it was destiny. Upon arrival, we were greeted with huge hugs by the lady boss of the restaurant who happen to be my dads friend. We found out through our conversation that she was my sit-in teacher for one class in my English tuition school way back when we were like 8 or 9! She said she remembered us because we liked her so much just after one day having her as our teacher and kept telling her to come back again the next week to teach us! Afterwards after we finished our dinner, we found out that she had paid our bill! How awesome is that!

Then on Tuesday last week, we had a birthday bash cook out with all of my cousins because 7 out of all 19 of us were born in the month of August. The initial plan was that the party was just for us cousins and only grandma was invited. Then of course our parents are the best, they weren't sore at all that they were (at first) excluded, but out of their tremendous love for us peeled 2 boxes of rambutans, 1 huge box of cempedak, lemonade, and marinated meat for us. Merg and Esther spent the entire afternoon grocery shopping and baking our birthday cake and others joined after work and school. We altogether successfully prepared brownies (our cake), alfredo pasta, baked potato whipped cream chicken, belacan midin and mani cai, minced pork tofu, tomato soup and crab meat corn soup. Plus rambutans, cempedak, and bananas for good digestion. We were barely 5 minutes into our meal before we looked at the amount of food we had and realized it was way too crazy for the 8 of us and decided to open our party up to the parents too! No problem, there was no food wastage that night. I have the best family in the world!

This week Monday, both my sister and I were treated to a birthday lunch buffet at Hilton! I was literally on Cloud nine just looking at the display of the many awesome cakes I can have with no limits!! My favourite from the buffet has got to be the braised lamb. It was hands down perfection. The marble cheese cake too was so rich and sweet which was so awesome.

Today is Win Wednesday! Starbucks was giving out free fraps for all those who are having their birthdays in August! Of course, I did not miss it although I do not like coffee. I went to collect my birthday Starbucks for my dad and I got my complimentary Chocolate Tuxedo for my birthday from my Starbucks card. DOUBLE WIN!!

That's it for now!
Happy Rach signing off

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