Monday, 24 November 2014


For the 47th time this year, its Monday again. Today, I struggled to respond to my (insensitive) alarm because it was such a nice rainy morning, perfect weather to be curled up under the duvets till its sunny again. 

What better time than now to lift our spirits up with a positive post. Hopefully it will trigger more positive vibes to get us through till its Friday again. 

Let's start by looking at Monday differently today. Let's see it as a brand new start to a week that can be filled with wonderful beautiful things! And even if the week may bring along some hard times, ask yourselves, is there ever one time in your life that never ended? No. Nothing lasts forever. Even the bad times don't. Keep your heads up, keep your spirits up and keep on going, because everything will be ok in the end.

Dress: Something Borrowed 
Bag: Korea



  1. That is such a beautiful dress! Love this look!

    1. Thank you!!By the way I've followed you on your blog and bloglovin!!! <3