Thursday, 28 May 2015


I'm jetting off to Sabah tomorrow! Finally. As much as I can't be more excited to explore the islands, watch sunsets, drive up the mountains and just lose my mind, packing gets me every time. How can packing light be ideal and yet deciding on what to and what not to bring along be so frustrating. I always start with fierce determination to apply the less is more theory when I pack, but before I know it, I'm lugging my entire house on my 4 day holiday, up and down the mountains, to the islands, to the park, cramping it up the bus, train and plane fearing for my life to be stopped by a security personnel to question my luggage weight. and what's worst? I don't even use half of the things I brought. I have learnt. Here's some of my tips for travelling light.

My conclusion of the matter is that basics are invented for travelling. It is magical to be able to dress one single basic piece up and down to accommodate both fancy and chaotic extremes a holiday holds and everything in between. Be it a posh dinner at a fancy restaurant to getting lost in the city, or hiking up a mountain, snorkelling, riding a horse or parachute, basics will not let you down while keeping your comfort and style in check. Black, white, and nude are my favorite holiday base colors. This versatile color palette is fun to mix and match around with. and is easily jazzed up with some key pieces, like a bright colored bag, or enormous statement accessories.

No. You won't need an exclusive pair of shoes for every outfit. You will not need three different shades of blushers, five brushes and lipsticks in all 7 colors of the rainbow, too. and stop eyeing on your forlorn possessions to bring with, or mining for the crumpled tutu in the pit of your wardrobe dungeon, just incase you might sign up for a local ballet class. Don't pack for the what ifs. You won't need it. If the need arises, you can always buy or borrow it. 

My least favorite part of packing is always the liquids. Not only do they weigh a million pounds each, they are prone to get messy some how or rather. Fret not. Samples save the Travels! It's the best time to whip out your cute little samples. or decant the liquids into tiny little bottles with seals you can count on. Finally, pop your inny minies into a clear pouch and you're set.

Multi-purpose items
It's shedding the little things that makes all the difference! Pack things that can be used more than one way! I love my Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel. It can be used as a face, skin and hair moisturizer, make up base, face mask, shaving gel, and even be used to calm sunburns. It's basically the perfect multipurpose product to take on holiday. 

What are your tips for travelling light?


  1. I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to packing I either pack way too much stuff that I don't actually need or I under pack can never get it quite right haha. I love the white bag!

  2. Hi5! Thanks Bryony. I love it too!!! xx

  3. I also like traveling light! Here is my fav tip that I recently posted on my blog

    Usually, I plan whether I am going to wear my hair straight or curly and pack just one hair styling device for the entire trip. For instance, over my trip to Nicaragua I packed my favorite curlier by Herstyler and created all kind of curly buns and up does. In opposition, I picked a plat iron by Sephora while packing for our trip to the Bahamas and wore my hair straight or in a braid.

    You can find all of my tips about this topic here: