Thursday, 13 August 2015


Hello, hello, hello!! I am back from my epic Bangkok holiday! This beautiful city captured my heart in a different but bigger way this time. This time I took home so much light and hope. I was intrigued by the endless city lights spread before my eyes from the plane. As we were descending, everything started to get bigger and bigger, clearer and clearer. The movements of cars, buildings and buildings and more buildings, and then I eventually got to smell, hear and feel the vibrancy of Bangkok.

I'm truly truly truly inspired by everything I was able to sense. There were so much to see and feel from every single angle. The lights, the eclectic markets, the hustles and bustles of the city, Bangkok's crazy traffic, the thrills of sitting on a tuk-tuk! Our driver made a u-turn in the middle of the highway, followed by the dangerous act of zooming pass 4 lanes to get on to the other side of the road. Oh my lord. The hawker man who wouldn't stop singing while frying up his omelettes, the smiley and lovely masseurs at midnight, the crowd putting their market bargaining skills to the test, all the little things that simply make Bangkok, Bangkok. A million little worlds spinning on their own axis. I could not put my camera down though my shoulders were aching. I just wanted to snap everything so I can remember it forever and ever.

The people - Its safe to say that they're my favourite thing about Bangkok. Their bright and fresh faces at anytime of the day is the radiation of the strength they possess. How they champion such harsh lives with flawless gentleness and joy. These are just a few of the many reasons they inspire me.

The life - basic but big. Simple but so full of life. Something I've never seen or felt before. Harsh, tough, imperfect. But imperfect has no power over them. Imperfect didnt blind them from seeing the power they own to change their reality. They live like nothing can dampen their spirits or blow out their faith. or stop them from waking up to a new day with strength and grace. Nothing could stop them from truly living. With smiles and singing. Not even if pain and tough is all they ever know. These people know how to truly live as fighters. as champions. 

They inspire me. Their attitude and the way they choose to live as overcomers come what may. Their city inspire me. Their world made me realise how tiny and small my problems are. What a way to remind us all that the best way to live life is to be brave, to have hope and to never give up. To make the best of the little things, to give the smallest task our best effort. to always choose better, to fight for better. And to always be thankful.

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  1. Oh wow this looks amazing! You've taken some great photos too :) xo