Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Hello hello hello! Can you tell I've been way too busy lately. It's almost like I just had a baby. I have been sleep-deprived, and challenged to my wit's end working on a few projects. Its been a fun and exciting adventure nonetheless. I actually really enjoy it. Knowing I've channeled every ounce of energy to realise my dreams makes going to bed every night with no leftover energy from the day so rewarding. Here are some things I do to cope with the busyness!

Create a to-do list
Being the organisational freak that I am, I start my day by creating a to-do list and I can't imagine going without it. Oh the joy of crossing off completed tasks! Not only that, this old school habit of mine helps me carefully think through everything I have for the day, set priorities, and set the pace for the day. Also, breaking big stressful tasks down into mini tasks makes the task less overwhelming. 

Organised and bright workspace
There is no doubt that the way a workspace is put together does affect productivity and work quality. It can either make or break your flow of work and ideas. I like my workspace to be wide, clear and bright. As much as possible I try to keep my workspace minimalist and neat as I find that having a spacious and organised workspace keeps me focused and calm. However, I'd die for little pretty clutters here and there. A vase full of peonies, a scented candle and some pretty notepads please. It's even better with a space filled with natural light. It keeps me awake and alert and that's excellent for my productivity.

Turn on airplane mode
Turning my phone on airplane mode or leaving my phone far away from me when I work definitely increased my productivity many many folds. I mean, how is it even sensible to work with social media notifications and worst of all, alerts from 10 Whatsapp group chats going off every single second? 

Take time off
I learnt the hard way. I worked and worked and worked and at the end of the day, I achieved little. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's okay to take little breaks and free your mind. Grab a cup of tea, switch on some music, light a scented candle or get some fresh air. Be kind to yourself. 

This is my favourite way to recharge and free my mind! Taking my mind of work is so easy when I'm having a good night out with my amazing friends. or even a night in. Surrounding myself with good good vibes and conversations is such a fun way to chill, learn, be inspired. 

Have a beautiful and productive week! xx


  1. I'm soo a to do list person ! I list everything xd


  2. I'm soo a to do list person ! I list everything xd


  3. Thanks for your tips! Like the 'airplane mode'-one. It really works! X

  4. Great tips for upping your productivity! I definitely follow most of them, haha except for the phone one :) My work is usually related to social media so it doesn't really distract me :) Good luck with your projects!


  5. A to-do list in the morning looks a good way to an organized day. But I often realize my plans are for nothing, there are always some things that appear and change my tasks of the day. Confusing, sometime. Some other times this is good to happen, to get me out of the ordinary.