Thursday, 26 November 2015


"The little things in life really are spectacular enough that they deserve to be blown up to magnificent proportions even on the most simple of days."
Dylana Suarez

These words resonated with me ever since I read it and have spurred me to pay more attention to the little things around me. The more I inspect life in its most stripped down state, I begin to see that the tiny things and moments are just as beautiful and captivating as the grand ones. Every moment - big or small deserves to be given thanks for. and that, is such a magical thing to do. Because for that one fleeting moment you're completely focused and immersed in good and beautiful things, life is enough. If only we take the time to, we wouldn't need anything else to help us see that life is so freaking awesome.

As I think of all the things I have in my life in the spirit of thanksgiving, I am blessed to be able to say with my whole heart that I am thankful for my lot. I have a family that I can share everything with. My dad, who believed in me and loved me from day one. My sister who has inspired and stretched me in so many ways and being the best business partner I can and will ever have. My brother, who sheds life and joy into our family with his mischief like no one else can. And my mum who still lives in so many ways. The way she loved will always be the purest I've ever seen and known. Her boldness to dream big and crazy. The bigger the better. The way she fights for her life all the way to the end with gentleness and strength. Not a single day has went by without the memory of her spurring me forward and making me a better person. and what can I say about my friends? I seriously believe I have the best friends. Friends I can laugh and cry with, and feel the most confident with, even when I pull the ugliest face in a selfie. Friends who inspire me and challenge me to pursue my dreams.

Last but not least, I am thankful for my faith in a God of love. His love has given me more than I deserve - Immeasurable joy in my life, and never ending hope and strength when things are painful and hard. Life is enough. Life is good. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


  1. That quote is beautiful and I think everyone should keep that in mind :)
    I also really like your photo, it makes me want to lie down on the grass in the sunlight and just be happy, but that should not be a good idea considering it is grey, cold and sometimes wet over here :D
    I hope you have a lovely day :)

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