Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Seoul Favourites #4 : Hong dae

We moved to Hong dae on day 4 and there we spent the rest of our trip. NO REGRETS.

Hong dae is popular among youths and has an artistic spirit and soul. It is an eclectic urban that is built on individuality and creativity, freely expressed in cute, fun and kitschy cafes, boutique galleries, discount shopping streets, live cafes and clubs, art galleries, restaurants, street arts and performances.

Our Hong dae adventure began when we were lost after lunch. We saw so many interesting places and things while we were lost and wanted to check every corner out. Merg and I bopped around the urban with a map marked with all of our places of interest and conquered territories. I did most of my shopping at the shopping street. I checked out almost every cosmetic/fashion shop and was literally crazy over the insanely cheap cosmetics while Merg bought down the entire Sangsangmadang Art gallery and more. Anyhow we were both in paradise.

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