Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014: Checking Out

It is last day of 2014! I am spending the last few drops of 2014 reflecting upon the year and trying my best to put the year into words. How has 2014 been for you? For me it has been a year of extreme highs and extreme lows. I would say it was a good year nonetheless.

Of all the things I've learnt from all that has happened this year, the one life changing thing I've learnt would be that nothing lasts forever. As simple as it sounds, it is such a powerful statement if you ponder upon it. This statement has empowered me to live every moment I have the best I can. To treasure the good times in my life and be steady and resilient through the bad times. I may have had a year of crazy mountain tops and valley bottoms but believe it or not, it's the last day of 2014, and here I am, still alive, still standing and much stronger than when I came.

One of my biggest personal achievement this year was definitely the decision to say yes to a lot more things. Saying yes to uncertainty, saying yes to changing my life, saying yes to growth. I've seen the rewards of stepping out of my shell and taking the world one step at a time. I made so many new friends, went to a lot more parties, created this blog and did so many things that I absolutely love and had so much fun doing it! It is amazing how far a baby step can take you. how much courage it can give you, and how much color it can add to your life.

Contentment. Being content is the best investment you can ever have in your life because everything you have will be enough or more if you are content. No matter how little you have. This year in May, I lost the most important woman in my life. Many times I think about the significant moments that she will be missing out on in my life, all that will have to go on without her cheering me on, without seeing how happy and how proud of me she will be. It will be a lie to say that it is easy. But I decided to be thankful. Thankful that I have 23 years to have her and to love her. Thankful for the fact that my mum chose to quit her job just so she can be there for us 24/7. What a blessing. Contentment truly holds the power to focus your vision on the brighter side of life. I say this with no doubts. Try it.

In May, too this year, I got a job! I am thankful that I am given a wonderful opportunity to be exposed and to grow in so many ways through this job. It has indeed brought me one step closer to becoming the person I dream to be in so many ways and of course, challenged me to never stop dreaming and believing in what I love. To never give my passion and goals away to fear nor failure. To keep my eyes on the prize. Because slowly but surely, through the stumbling and the falling, I'll find myself where I want to be. I'll find my way to the right door. and it will be worth it. 

This year, i experience my first ever big break out. My skin has been the worst. It is through this I realized the power I own to decide the state I'm in. Whether to be happy or let circumstances get the best of me. The power of being in control of my own mind to choose to get off my bruised knees, hold my head up and smile. and its not fake. It is a symbol of strength. the decision I made to let happiness win over all the emotions I feel.  To choose to see healing instead of scars. 

I cannot end this post without thanking my amazing best friend who has been such a big blessing in this journey. Though we have been best of friends for the past 11 years, I feel that our friendship has cemented through this truly trying time for us. I'm so glad we have each other. It is truly a blessing to have a friend who lives in another continent, but really, she's only just a phone call away. Always ready to listen and help me see the better side of things. And I'm glad that you count on me like that too. I'm so proud that we have always chosen to be happy and stronger and I know we always will. Just look how far we have come. One day down the road, we can sit back with beautiful skin and relish these memories together! HA HA. 

So here it is, my 2014. Good and bad, lessons and fun swirled into a blog post. In a few hours time 2015 will be upon us. Let's start fresh, dust ourselves off, and go all in once again! Live loudly and boldly, take all chances, do what our hearts live for, make beautiful memories, laugh till it aches, love and love again, dream, and be free. Do anything that make us feel more alive. May our only fear be regret. Let's be determined to make 2015 the best year ever!

Checking out!

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