Tuesday, 16 December 2014


We're winding down to the last 2 weeks of 2014, time of the year to get reflective again. My heart is full. I'm blessed to walk on beautiful horizons, embrace new ways and dream again in 2014. Time to sort away the things to leave behind and catch on to new hopes, revelations and energy for the new year.

Stepping out into the unknown and learning to say 'YES' more has stretched me quite a bit. No doubts. But there's no doubts too it has given me the power to gain more than to lose. Unknown depths, unknown heights... every step out is a terrifying first time. But with each step, I step out overcoming, and I step out to conquer. 

So here's to discovering new treasures, conquering greater heights and deeper blues, saying YES to bigger things, and seizing every moment to grow. I'm ready to leave behind a good year for a better year.


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