Friday, 23 January 2015


We all know that change is necessary to progress and move forward. While it may be uncomfortable, let's not let that steal our good new year energy to make good changes in our lives this year. What better time than now, while we are still in the first month of the year to get our energy going, while our spirits are still high and strong, to make lists of changes we want and make plans for it to happen!

Areas that require change are personal and different for every individual simply because we are all on different journeys. and that's okay. This year for me, instead of resolutions, the word for me is reformation. more actions for me. I'm focusing on making improvements and progress this year. from the little mundane things to the big things. I hope to break habits and routines and see freshness and spontaneity flowing through. I also want the good parts of my life to become even better this year!

First on the list. Yes. This is what I'm talking about. The mundane things like drinking enough water, eating clean, exercising, and getting enough sleep. The little things that keeps a person functioning and believe it or not, it affects the quality of the things we do.  So this year, I'll try and see to it that I'll be shaping up some muscles, eating cleaner, and getting at least 7 hours of sleep. wooyeah. 

Last year, I learnt that what you allow your mind to think, is what you will become. While you must allow yourself to feel what you feel, it is important to choose to remain positive. and to detox on a regular basis. This year, I'm going to love my mind more, fill it up with beautiful thoughts, positivity and focus on the sunny days instead of the few dark ones. Remember, 'Be careful what you say to yourself, because you are listening'.

One thing I want to do this year is to get my life more organised. Identifying priorities is a good step to take to prevent me from wasting energy on unimportant things. I want to divert my energy and time to the things I love passionately.

no pressure on this one. I want fearlessness to be my ultimate asset this year. No more allowing fear to cripple me to do the things I love, or to dream big like a little child. I'm hoping to do bigger things this year. Face my fears and conquer them. Seize every moment to blow myself away. 

Solitude is the gift that makes great things possible. I can't agree more with that. Personal space is important to free the mind. Great things are always birthed from a clear mind. deeper reflections, paradigm shifts. keeping track and measuring growth and change, celebrating baby steps, the ability to enjoy the journey is what keeps a person strong to the end. Be on the lookout for opportunities to be inspired, be curious and push boundaries.

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