Saturday, 28 February 2015


It is only fair and right that I make my come back with a long post, after being MIA for so long! I have so much to say! The last time I wrote was more than a month ago. Holy moly where did all that time go?  I actually just got back from my Chinese New Year vacation with my family in New Zealand. New Zealand is such a stunner. I don't think my whole life time is possibly enough for me to get over the stupendous sight. It was refreshing to be completely disconnected and unshackled from any form of bombardment of my peace. Such things were strictly banned. I allowed myself to live in comfy loose tops, ripped jeans and just my bare face and just be captivated by the immense beauty around me. The silly things like makeup, what to wear, blue and black, white and gold yada yada yada seemed so small in the light of such magnificent beauty.

And be in the most serene state of mind and one with nature.  I was constantly blown away and it only gets better every time. The ocean and the sky, limitless, deep, and wide... the mountains and hills, so majestic and strong... and there's some thing about soaking up the sun and getting my cheeks cooked, allowing the wind to be free to mess my hair however it please, and let my heart beat to the sound of creations symphony. So liberating and so therapeutic. 

There were no boundaries. No factors, no pressure, no rules. Unconstrained by time, we drove through miles and miles of space and hills and livestocks and little farms. and stopped wherever and whenever we want to for as long as we like. My mind was free to take in whatever without knowing what to expect next or without having to over analyse anything, and live in the moment. Instead of striking myself down with questions of my future, living in the moment and making sure every moment shine will light up the future for me. The present moment might just be an inspiration for the future. Setting ourselves free is the way. Live in the moment. Let life happen the way its meant to be. Its always the best way.

A little bit of Auckland for you! I will be back with more pictures and stories! xx


  1. Stunning photos! The sheep are so cute! X

    Coffee and YSL on the blog-

    1. Thanks Emma for the comment and for dropping by!=)

  2. Great post!
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