Thursday, 16 April 2015


I am wanderlusting again. No surprise. I feel like my curiosity for the world is growing in ridiculous amounts day by day! and right now, I can totally imagine myself packing my whole life up in a bag and setting forth to see the world, reaching for every single corner and taking as long as I need to. That's bizarre, I still need to work! The right remedy for my wanderlust infection right now will be a post about my next few destinations for the rest of 2015! that, and of course, to share my excitement and joy! Woop Woop!

Sabah, Malaysia
This coming Gawai holidays, I'll be off to Sabah! I visited Sabah when I was 10/11 ish and I remember vividly getting sooo sunburnt that I was RED and peeling mercilessly. I was lost in the beauty of Manukan island, completely living the island life - snorkeling, feeding fishes, catching starfishes and what not for 4 entire hours. When we got hold of time it was too late, I was already a well done steak. Well this June, I'll be back again to do it all again!

Bangkok, Thailand
I'll be spending my birthday week this year in the land of smiles! I have a fondness for Bangkok from the last time I visited in 2013. Not just because of the amazingly cheap shopping that has been luring me back, or the pork satay and coconut ice cream which I believe originated from heaven, but Thailand is so rich culturally, and I feel there's much more that I've yet to explore and fall in love with!

Perth, Australia
Though I'll be missing out on the OZ Christmas Day spirit, it's not so bad because I'll be right on time for the boxing day sales! and I'll be celebrating New years Day in Perth with my 2 best girls after 7 years!!! I am looking forward to close the year, laying back in true Perth style and soaking in the beauty all around. But more than all that, I'm dying for the beautiful girl time together!!

I am full-on planning for my trips! Please leave suggestions for me or share your beautiful travel stories in the comments! Cause i definitely won't wanna miss any juicy tips for Sabah, Bangkok and Perth!



  1. So lucky! Im not sure I'll even get a holiday this year, fingers crossed though! Please post loads of photos so I can live vicariously through you. Have a fabulous time! xx

    1. Aww Zoe, keep your eyes open for promotions by the airlines! You might find yourself some lucky fares!!:) I definitely will, thanks for reading xxx

  2. The way you write is such flowing. Keep writing.

  3. that's so awesome! i'm going to rome in july but there are so many places i want to go!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Im jealous! Rome is my dream! please enjoy Rome! x