Wednesday, 30 September 2015


I am obsessed with scented candles. The lingering presence of a dreamy scent be my sweet escape at any time of the day. My favourite time to enjoy my candles, however, has got to be night - when I'm all tucked up in bed. I love to watch the candle light flicker. Its careless, spontaneous and composed nature has its way of infusing serenity, comfort and stability into the atmosphere. 

I was electrified to find a Bath & Body Works outlet in Penang when I visited 3 weeks ago. Never ever dreamed that it would come to Malaysia. I spent almost an hour going through every single candle in the shop and you bet! I brought two 14.5oz candles home! I have been enjoying them so much the past 3 weeks so I thought I'll share them on the blog today. 

Turquoise Waters
Turquoise Waters is truly one in a million. Sends me straight to ocean paradise. It is subtle yet deep. Complex. Perfect for an ocean lover like me. 

Sweet Pea
This one's from the Signature collection. It's a nice blend of a light floral and a light sweet scent. Its fresh, bubbly and rich scent transforms anywhere into a happy place. 

What are the candles you're loving at the moment? 


  1. These all sound delicious!


  2. Looks like a great scents !

  3. We (sadly) don't have a Bath and Body Works anywhere in Australia, but recently after a friend of mine went to the US they brought me back the Leaves candle from there and it smells so good!

  4. Bath and body works is now global. Amazing

  5. I am in LOVE with sweet pea scented candles right now! We don't have this brand where I'm from though :o


  6. A very interesting article, candels are perfect in every room. I think the scents depend on the room, Sweet Pea would be perfect for the bath room or sleeping room.

  7. I loooove Sweet Pea, but sadly they have discontinued that candle here in the US, and I have no idea why! So upsetting, because that was one of my favorite scents!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  8. I also like scented candles, especially coffee scent and mint.

  9. I've never tried Bath and Body Works candles but I love Yankee Candles - my favourite is Midsummer Night :)