Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Seoul Favourites #2 : Cheonggyecheon Stream

As much as I love the noise and energy of the city, I am definitely a peace-loving country girl at heart. I've always dream of ideally having both at once. The cheonggyecheon stream flows through the heart of Seoul, with more than 15 feet under street level initially made with intentions to resolve seasonal floods, it has become popular among Koreans and visitors who wants a quick exit from the fusses and distresses of the city.

Blind and deaf to all that, the stream secures tranquility to all. Home to fishes, ducks and other creatures, serene waterfalls and beautiful fountains dancing the hours away. Being vibrant in the morning and magical at night, the pavements accommodates hundreds and hundreds of people and holds a diverse range of activities all day long - Street performances, morning walks and exercise for ajummas, evening jogs for families, or a hideout for couples.

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